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Date Job Title Company Location Shortlist
23/05/2017 Un Avocat à la Cour 2 - 4 ans d’expérience Arendt & Medernach Luxembourg
23/05/2017 Junior Associate (m/f) - Job based in Luxembourg D.Law S.àr.l. Luxembourg
23/05/2017 Legal Personal Assistant à plein-temps (m/f) Allen & Overy Luxembourg
23/05/2017 Paralegal Officer – (m/f) Arendt & Medernach Luxembourg Kirchberg
23/05/2017 Business Development Officer (m/f) Arendt & Medernach Kirchberg
23/05/2017 Senior Consultant / Manager - Investment funds distribution (M/F) Arendt Regulatory & Consulting S.A. Luxembourg
22/05/2017 Knowledge Professional Support Lawyer Ogier Luxembourg
22/05/2017 Experienced lawyer with specialization in Investment Funds, Private Equity and Corporate Law (m/f) GSK Luxembourg SA Luxembourg
22/05/2017 Project Lawyer in European Environmental Law (f/m) Academy of European Law Trier, Deutschland
22/05/2017 Office Assistant/Receptionist (f/m), full-time Dennemeyer Howald
22/05/2017 Travel Agent (f/m) for international Business Travels Dennemeyer Howald
22/05/2017 Jurist or Lawyer specialised in Tax (m/f) CMS Luxembourg Luxembourg
22/05/2017 Junior Accountant / Kfm. Assistenz (m/w) Avega S.à r.l. Luxemburg
22/05/2017 Senior Accountant / Expert-comptable (m/w) Avega S.à r.l. Luxemburg
21/05/2017 Administrative Assistant (m/f) Luther. Senningerberg
20/05/2017 Un(e) Avocat(e) / Juriste Junior en Propriété Intellectuelle Arendt & Medernach Luxembourg
20/05/2017 Administrative Assistant (f/m) Dennemeyer Luxembourg
20/05/2017 A Corporate Lawyer/Avocat (minimum 2 years’ experience) (m/f) MNKS Luxembourg
20/05/2017 A lawyer/jurist specialised in Technologies & IP (m/f) MNKS Luxembourg
20/05/2017 Un(e) comptable (H/F) - CDI Arendt & Medernach Luxembourg
20/05/2017 Experienced Corporate Lawyer (m/f) Allen & Overy Luxembourg / Kirchberg
20/05/2017 Experienced Banking Lawyer (m/f) Allen & Overy Luxembourg / Kirchberg
20/05/2017 Experienced Investment Funds Lawyer (m/f) Allen & Overy Luxembourg / Kirchberg
19/05/2017 Un(e) stagiaire RH – Recrutement H/F Arendt & Medernach Kirchberg - Luxembourg ville
19/05/2017 Financial Services Specialist (Junior) (f/m) Dennemeyer Howald
19/05/2017 Business Development (f/m) Manager / Sales Manager (f/m) Dennemeyer Howald
19/05/2017 Avocat stagiaire (m/f) en Contentieux Arendt & Medernach Luxembourg
19/05/2017 Assistant(e) Facturation (Ang – Fr) Arendt & Medernach Luxembourg
19/05/2017 Receptionist / Réceptionniste FR / UK (m/f) Tiberghien Luxembourg Luxembourg
19/05/2017 Deutschsprachige Rechtsanwälte/Rechtsanwältinnen Wildgen Luxembourg
19/05/2017 Avocat expérimenté dans le domaine du Contentieux (M/F) Wildgen Luxembourg