Asking the right questions

With each job posting you can ask up to 3 compulsory questions to the applicant.

Questions help you to spot the best applicants at a glance, they help to reinforce your requirements and to make the advertisement more attractive to the right candidates.

There are many different ways to phrase the same question. In general, open-ended questions are better, for example:

What is your level of English (Native, Fluent, Very Good, Good, Medium or Poor)?
is better than
Do you speak English?


What is your sales experience?
is better than
Do you have sales experience?

Here are some other questions we have found to be useful:

What is your relevant experience for this position?

What are your relevant qualifications for this position?

What is your experience in sales (customer care / accountancy / etc.)?

When are you available to start work?

Do you have permission to work in the EEA (European Economic Area)?

Do you have a full, clean driving licence?

What can you bring to this position?

What are your salary expectations?

What computer accounting packages have you used?

Why are you interested in this position?

Are you currently in Luxemburg and available for interview?

Are you committed to take this vacancy for more than one year?