How To Prepare Your Job Hunt

Posted 3 weeks ago

Are you looking for a new professional challenge or your first job? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced job seeker, job hunting can be quite demanding.
Here’s our quick guide to how to organise your job hunt.

Write the Perfect CV
Make sure to design a clear and visually appealing structure when creating your CV. Begin with your personal data, your employment history and your education, followed by key skills, additional qualifications as well as your hobbies and interests. Stay brief and do not exceed one or maximum two A4 pages (depending on your seniority). Restrict yourself to the essentials.

Create a cover note that makes you stand out from the crowd
Always remember to tailor your cover letter to the job you are applying for. And again, it should not exceed a length of one A4 page with 3-4 paragraphs.

Focus on what’s important during your job hunt
In general job hunting consists of two parts: searching and applying for jobs. We suggest you to concentrate on the following during your job hunt: networking, researching companies, applying to job offers and searching for job opportunities online.

Follow companies to keep track on the activities of your dream employer
Once you follow a company, you get their latest jobs included in your Job alert email or any blog news. This helps you to stay up-to-date and to reduce your time spent searching for jobs.

Research companies to gain an advantage over your competitors
It is a great advantage to become familiar with a company before applying for them. Interviewers welcome the fact that you have taken your time to learn more on the company history and their general role in the business world.

Create your job alerts
Job alerts help you to stay in the loop on the job market. Creating job alerts will send you a daily email with the latest job offers tailored to your preferred field of work. It means you do not have to worry about missing the perfect job.

Prepare yourself for a job interview
Take plenty of time before the interview to prepare yourself well for any question that could be asked. The questions employers ask will always refer to the information in the job description like the duties and requirements. Be proactive and don’t forget to prepare questions to ask the interviewer as well.