How To Use Company Profiles

Posted 4 months ago
How To Use Company Profiles

When searching for your next professional challenge, make sure that you and the company you are applying to are the perfect match for each other. With this in view, it’s already a good start to read the company profile and see if it corresponds your career plans. Is the company a large multinational corporation, a medium-sized enterprise or even a small start-up? Are there opportunities for professional development? Does the working environment meets your criteria? Company profiles can often give you a good overview of their culture and values. Furthermore, it’s always worth doing your research on the company you are applying to. In the case where you are invited for an interview, you can demonstrate your knowledge about the company and its business and show that you’re really interested in working there.

Where can I find the company profiles?
There are multiple ways to find the company profiles. You can either select a job offer and there you will see a link to the company profile under the “About this company” section. This link will take you to the company profile. Or you can click a company logo in the job search results and go directly to the company page. If you are looking for a specific company, you can use as well the company search in the footer. Here you will see an A-Z list of companies that you can search by.

What can I do on a company profile?
Besides getting a little insight on the company’s culture and values, you can choose the ‘follow company’ option and be notified about job listings as soon as they are posted. In that case, you won’t miss any job offer from your dream employer.

Remember: It is always an advantage at interviews if you can talk confidently about the company, its history and its activities. Therefore, take some time to do some research and visit for example the company’s website to shine during the job interview. This could open the route to your new job.