house rules

House Rules

House Rules for Job Postings

These rules are intended to provide a level playing field for all recruiters and to help job seekers to identify the most suitable opportunities for them as easily as possible.

  • The title should reflect / summarise the job description (only one job per posting). It is to no-ones advantage if a jobseeker has to unnecessarily click on a title to find that a job description is unsuitable.
  • Jobs should not use excessive CAPITAL LETTERS or **** Punctuation !!!!
  • Jobs should not be refreshed more than once per week, from the day the job is posted on the site. This is to ensure that jobseekers who receive our jobs by email will not find the job to have expired in that time.
  • Jobs should only appear once in the listings. Do not post the same job twice, even if it is rephrased.
  • Expire the job as soon as it is filled. (Or let us know and we will do it.)
  • If you are recruiting in order to build a panel of CVs for a position that is not at that moment vacant, this should be made clear in the job description.
  • If there is a cost involved to the jobseeker at any stage in the process of getting the job advertised, that must be explained in the advertisement.
  • The employer must take care that a job is advertised in the right categories and regions. In particular avoid misusing the Miscellaneous and Crazy Jobs section.
  • Avoid generic job advertisements such as “TEMPS, TEMPS, TEMPS” or “Legal, Legal, Legal”.
  •  Do not put an email address in the job title or the job description. There is a place for this, if you feel you have special requirements let us know and there is usually a better way of doing things.
  • Only select the region in which the job is actually taking place – do not select surrounding regions. e.g. If the job is in Luxembourg, only select “Luxembourg” do not select “Allemagne-Saarland” or any other region.